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Kiwi IT Specialist Makes a Difference in Africa

Every year, around 1,000 volunteers from up to 40 nations (including New Zealand) serve with Mercy Ships. While you can imagine there would be plenty of demand for professionals like surgeons, cooks, mariners and teachers, digitisation has seen IT positions become far more sought after.

Jonathan Clark, a trained information services specialist is a perfect example. In August 2016, Jonathan joined his wife Steph (a nurse) for three months aboard the Africa Mercy, in Benin, West Africa.

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Jonathon Clark spent three months as an IT professional supporting medical services for developing nations.


Here’s a pithy article on managing clients’ demands.

“They crash in through the door, shoving a proposal in your face – it’s on fire. They need a website and they needed it yesterday – if possible, by last weekend. You do work on weekends, don’t you?

Mr. Urgent could be trying to squeeze more work out of you in fewer hours, but it’s more likely that they simply suck at planning – so it’s super important that you don’t.”