Don’t Fear The Internet Video Series

dfti-960Don’t Fear The Internet is a video series designed to introduce you to the basics of the internet and website programming.

Video #1 is at the bottom of the page – they are listed in order of release date rather than the order you should probably view them.

This video series was created by designer/typographer Jessica Hische and her web developer husband Russ Maschmeyer who are both well respected in their fields of expertise.

Highly recommended for quality of content and correctness of coding practices 🙂


How Do Robots ‘See’ the World?

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.39.40 PMThe world has gone mad for robots with articles talking almost every day about the coming of the robot revolution. But is all the hype, excitement and sometimes fear justified? Is the robot revolution really coming?

The answer is probably that in some areas of our lives we will see more robots soon. But realistically, we are not going to see dozens of robots out and about in our streets or wandering around our offices in the very near future.

This article on The Conversation explores the feasibility of robotics in several fields.

“The Icehouse” On the Hunt for Young NZ Talent

Andy Hamilton, CEO of The ICEHOUSE.
Andy Hamilton, CEO of The ICEHOUSE.

There was an article in the NZ Herald on Christmas day:

Kiwi students and start-ups matched in new summer internship programme.

This summer, between 15 and 30 students will conduct summer internships at The Icehouse and portfolio companies it and Ice Angels have invested in.

Matching the best and brightest students with New Zealand start-ups is the aim of a new internship programme being launched this summer by business incubator The Icehouse, angel investment group ICE Angels, and education consultancy Crimson Consulting.

The Technology Leaders of Tomorrow programme will see between 15 and 30 students from the Crimson network conduct summer internships at The Icehouse and portfolio companies it and Ice Angels have invested in.

…. read more at the NZ Herald ….

Aparna Rao: High-tech art (with a sense of humor)

Artist and TED Fellow Aparna Rao re-imagines the familiar in surprising, often humorous ways. With her collaborator Soren Pors, Rao creates high-tech art installations — a typewriter that sends emails, a camera that tracks you through the room only to make you invisible on screen — that put a playful spin on ordinary objects and interactions.


Blender Has Come a Long Way

I learned 3D on Lightwave which, in 2002, was a contender with Maya and 3D Studio Max. Because it was free, I downloaded Blender back then, took it for a spin and was a bit disappointed. Because it was open source and community driven I filed it in my brain alongside Ubuntu Linux as “wait and see”.  I had a look recently and have to say, I’m impressed. Check out this user contributed demo video:

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