Kia Ora

I’m in a privileged position in our society to be able to play a part in readying the next generation of thinkers, innovators and creators. When I went through high school I had a reasonable idea of what the world would be like when I graduated. These days, one of the only things we can be certain of is that we aren’t sure what the world will be like in five years.

Tiger Roar by Spindy
Tiger Roar by Spindy

Now isn’t the time for traditional teaching methods. The “sage on the stage” must make way for the “guide on the side”. The focus needs to shift from methods to methodologies (principles that determine how such methods are deployed and interpreted). It isn’t so much about what you know as your ability/courage to know and your attitude towards acquiring knowledge.

The digital realm is a constantly morphing extension of human capability and creativity. How do we “know” something as fluid and ethereal as that? Better to change our perspective and learn how to flow with and within it.

Yes. Skills are important, but those are going to change. The ability and confidence to “skill up”, on the other hand, is a transferable approach. More essential, however, is the mindset that sees no barrier to what can be learned and put into practice. This is the main reason exists.

Aroha nui,  Eddie Pattillo aka Mr. “P”

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