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Logo Competition: New Zealand League Against Epilepsy

Are you an art student, a graphic designer or are you an amateur artist?

Would you like to create a logo for the New Zealand League Against Epilepsy (NZLAE) and at the same time be into win yourself a prize of $250?

Each chapter of the ILAE needs a logo and we invite you to help us find the perfect logo for our chapter – New Zealand League Against Epilepsy. By doing so, not only will you have your work used by us on our letterheads and website, you also have the chance to win a prize of $250 for your efforts. Please see attached resource sheets with information that will be helpful when creating your design.   (more information here)

How should it look?
• An original logo that is modern, clean and uncluttered
• Logo should be bright and colourful, there is no colour preference
• Dynamic
• The message should be positive
• NZLAE full name is included in the logo, that is, New Zealand League Against Epilepsy
• Suitable for website, Social Media and printed materials with capacity to be printed in colour and black and white.
• File type should be EPS
• Photoshop PSD files are not acceptable
• Image size of the file must not exceed 1280 x 1024 pixels
• The file size must not exceed 5MB
• Ethical considerations e.g. Clipart may not be used

An Intro to Color Theory

Certain colors or shades evoke different sentiments in people. In this post, I want to give a quick introduction to color theory, ways to combine colors, and tools for designing with color — that you as a designer can benefit from to make your designs delightful. (read more)

Visual Sugar

Subtitle: How designers learned a favorite trick of food industry and why they should stop abusing it

Image courtesy of Attn

How do you make any design better? Just add sugar to it. Visual sugar.

What is visual sugar? Visual sugar is any visual decorative element. The most common types of visual sugar are icons, gradients, shadows, textures, motion etc.

Designers sometimes use them in a meaningless and excessive way to make their designs feel nicer. The word ‘meaningless’ is key here. There’s nothing wrong with any of these per se, it’s just that they are used to sweeten otherwise flavorless and meaningless designs.

(read more)