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Learning Resources

2DT Class notes and links (link)

Student Guide for AS91368 Database Project (link)

PHP and MySQL for Data Driven Web Apps (tutorials are on shared drive and online)

Guide to using Medoo for MySQL queries (link)

Student Guide for Planning and Constructing a Program (link)

External Report:

  • Student Guide  for the Report (link)
  • Computer Science Field Guide (link)

Kumawakamaru by Kuniyoshi - 24 Paragons of Filial Piety<br>(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kumawakamaru by Kuniyoshi 
(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)
This year we’re going to complete five NCEA Level 2 Assessments for a total of 16 credits.

AS91372 2.45
3 credits Internal
Construct a plan for an advanced computer program for a specified task
AS91373 2.46
3 credits Internal
Construct an advanced computer program for a specified task
AS91371 2.44
4 credits External
Demonstrate understanding of advanced concepts from computer science
AS91368 2.41
6 credits Internal
Implement advanced procedures to produce a specified digital information outcome with dynamically linked data
Today is Saturday, February 24

Our class schedule is four sessions per week:

Monday – Period 1
Tuesday – Period 2
Thursday – Period 4
Friday – Period 2

Digital Tech / Digital Media / Computer Science