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This year we’re attempting five NCEA Level 2 assessments for a total of 20 credits.

AS91370 – 2.43
4 credits Internal
Implement advanced procedures to produce a specified digital media outcome
AS91358 – 2.5 (generic)
4 credits External
Demonstrate understanding of how technological modelling supports risk management
AS91357 – 2.4 (generic)
6 credits Internal
Undertake effective development to make and trial a prototype
Create a website using a mark-up language to meet a set brief (Attempted with AS91370 for an extra 3 credits)
Create and use a computer spreadsheet to solve a problem (3 credits)
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Our class schedule is four sessions per week.

Monday – Period 3 – 11:35-12:35
Tuesday – Period 4 – 12:35-1:30
Wednesday – Period 2 – 9:55-10:45
Thursday– Period 5 – 2:10-3:10

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