This is the hub for our Level 1 Digital Technology class. Bookmark this page and check it regularly. All essential information will be posted here.

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Learning Resources for 1DT (link)

This year we’re going to complete six NCEA Level 1 Assessments for a total of 18 credits.
AS91885 1.9 – 3 credits Internal
Demonstrate understanding of searching and sorting algorithms
AS91879 1.3 – 4 credits Internal
Develop an outcome to manage data
AS91883 1.7 – 4 credits Internal
Develop a computer program
US25659 2 credits Internal
Create a web page using a mark-up language with a text editor
US18739 2 credits Internal
Create and use simple command sequences in a computer language
AS91886 1.10 – 3 credits External
Demonstrate understanding of human computer interaction

Digital Tech / Digital Media / Computer Science