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What is a Full Stack developer?

Is it reasonable to expect mere mortals to have mastery over every facet of the development stack? Probably not, but Facebook can ask for it. I was told at OSCON by a Facebook employee that they only hire ‘Full Stack’ developers. Well, what does that mean?

To me, a Full Stack Developer is someone with familiarity in each layer, if not mastery in many and a genuine interest in all software technology. [Read more]


Traditional Animation with Stephen Anderson

The Traditional Animation Show interviewed Disney Director Stephen Anderson and found out how he got his start in animation, from college all the way up to directing Winnie the Pooh for Walt Disney Feature Animation. Be sure to watch until the end for a professional storyboarding lesson by Stephen himself.

The Traditional Animation Show with Stephen Anderson from Traditional Animation on Vimeo.

University of Auckland: Technology Needs to be at Top Table

What do you think this article means?
How does it relate to what you’re doing now at NCEA levels 1-3?
How does it relate to junior classes?

University of Auckland Adjunct Associate Professor Daniel Vidal.
University of Auckland Adjunct Associate Professor Daniel Vidal.

New Zealand companies have a chance to better what firms around the globe are struggling with – promoting technology leaders like CIOs into strategic roles.

University of Auckland Adjunct Associate Professor Daniel Vidal says companies around the world risk becoming “digital casualties” if they do not employ their best IT brains – like chief information officers – at a strategic level, helping to shape their company’s direction instead of just providing IT infrastructure and service.

The CIO should be seen as a designer or a strategiser, feeding technology into the overall strategy and creating “true business transformation”, he says.

“Look how Domino’s Pizza has woven digital through its business model, and Netflix and Spotify have transformed the model of how people engage with music, film and television. That’s where CIOs can play a big role.”

Read more at the New Zealand Herald.

University and NCEA

“To gain admission to university you’ll need enough credits to gain University Entrance. This means more than just getting NCEA Level 3. To get UE you need NCEA Level 3 as well as 14 credits each in three approved subjects, 10 Literacy credits at level 2 or above, and 10 Numeracy credit at level 1 or above. I advise you to check with your school to make sure that you are taking a mix of subjects and achievement standards that will allow you to get UE. It’s also important to know that some universities have higher entry standards than UE to gain admission. And some subjects will have special admission criteria. So talk to the university or check their website.”  (read more)

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