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Learning Resources

1DT Class notes and links (link)

Create and present a slideshow (link)

Student Guide for Produce a Digital Information Outcome (link)

Student Guide for Planning and Constructing a Basic Program (link)

Student Guide for Create and Use Simple Command Sequences (link)

External report:

  • The Computer Science Field Guide (link)
  • Student Guide for AS91074 (link)
This year we’re going to complete six NCEA Level 1 Assessments for a total of 19 credits.

AS91071 1.41
4 credits Internal
Implement basic procedures to produce a specified digital information outcome
AS91074 1.44
3 credits External
Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts from computer science
AS91075 1.45
3 credits Internal
Construct a plan for a basic computer program for a specified task
AS91076 1.46
3 credits Internal
Construct a basic computer program for a specified task
AS91879 1.3
4 credits Internal
Develop a digital outcome to manage data
2 credits Internal
Create and use simple command sequences in a computer language (attempted with AS91076)
Today is Monday, February 26

Our class schedule:

Monday – Period 4
Wednesday – Period 2
Thursday – Period 1
Friday – Period 5

Digital Tech / Digital Media / Computer Science